Choice of channels

With 5 distribution channels, the audience chooses the music it wants, when it wants it … in a single click! This also allows the organizer to personalize the messages and the ambiance that it wants to impart to the event.


Quality of sound

The sound quality is much higher than that of many audio systems currently in use − and above all, it is constant throughout the event site. In addition, the volume is entirely under the user’s control.



The quality of the sound creates an intimacy between the listener and his/her surroundings. This closeness to the sound reduces inhibitions and brings out a playful aspect that draws the users closer together. A feeling of belonging is created among the participants − and people ‘seek out’ others who are listening to the same thing.


Choice of locations

You know a beautiful − but poorly insulated − room? You know a magical environment … that’s full of acoustic problems? The Noizless Madness system gives you unprecedented access to places that were previously difficult − or even impossible − to use with a traditional system.


A new freedom

The event is created where there is a desire to meet, to share. With Noizless Madness, conversation has a legitimate place. The environment can also be entirely musical for some, more tranquil for others. At any moment, the user can remove his/her headset, or reduce its volume, to make room for networking or conversation.


A timely solution

The headset system reduces noise by 80%. It’s an alternative that provides a real solution with regard to noise pollution. In the case of a party, it’s the bass that vibrates and disturbs the neighbourhood. Thanks to the Noizless Madness system, this disadvantage is eliminated.