NOIZLESS madness

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Noizless system better than a conventional system?
First of all, because it’s a new concept and it offers a change from the usual. It’s nice to know that the event you are going to is different from what you are used to experiencing. And above all, it answers a demand from the current generation, which no longer wishes to impose standards, but wants to choose them instead. In addition, it’s easy to move about with your headset, and the sound quality doesn’t change − the sound is the same no matter where you are on the site.
How do you make friends with a headset covering your ears?
The headset and the proximity of the sound reduce inhibitions − there’s a playful aspect that makes people laugh and then draws them together. (Spontaneous singing, sense of belonging to a group) So, it’s unifying.
Isn’t everyone a bit solitary, each one in his corner?
The result is the same as with an amp system, except that the sound and volume are controlled by the user. The sound has an excellent quality, constant and mobile, which facilitates dancing and singing … and especially, conversation! Because yes, you can talk if you want to − contrary to traditional parties where you have to leave the room to talk. 
Does this concept really facilitate conversations?
The proximity to the music and the choice of channel first allow an approach, and then conversation. And this system enables you to go deeper into conversation than just: ‘Hi, everything okay?’ ‘WHAT?’ I said, ‘Hi, everything okay!’. 
Isn’t it odd when you take off your headset to talk at the party?
The users stay immersed in the ambiance. It’s not just because you remove your headset that suddenly everyone stops dancing or moving. On the contrary, the playful aspect and the group euphoria are still there, even when the participants remove their headsets. That’s a comfort for the users. Free choice for everybody: those who want to focus on networking have the opportunity to do so, and those who want to continue moving keep their headsets on.
Can we still speak of a silent party with all the people who are singing?
The Noizless system still reduces the noise level by 80%. It’s an interesting alternative and a response to noise pollution. The silent events have proven themselves, residents accept them more readily. In a traditional party, it’s usually the sound of the bass at a high volume that disturbs the neighbourhood. Thanks to the Noizless system, that disadvantage is eliminated.
Can the headset fall off?
Noizless headsets are designed for all types of heads. They have a design similar to the headsets you wear on the street. Noizless Madness is also working on a system that will allow participants to use their own headset if they wish.
How much does a broken or stolen headset cost?
What does the service include?
  • The distribution and collection of headsets
  • Insurance
  • Frequency licensing
  • DJs (option)
  • Headset maintenance
  • Hostesses responsible for the headsets
  • Technical service
  • Use of the technology
  • Sabam in certain cases

The deposit is taken into account when the headset is lost or out of order. A small crack will not be counted as a broken headset.
Deposit: 40 EUR
Rental/Usage price: maximum 5 EUR
The choice of responsibility varies according to each case and is made according to the preferences of each organiser:
1) The user’s responsibility − that is, to clearly indicate that a headset is broken or lost = a headset will be reimbursed at the end of the evening.
2) Take responsibility for the headsets − in this case, only the headsets that are lost or broken (out of order) will be due.
NB: the headsets work only with the Noizless system (to deter theft).

Does the system allow you to work autonomously or do you always have to be present?
In the < 200 persons formula, the organiser can be autonomous for up to 50 participants. Beyond 50 (max 100), it is advisable to engage a technician and a hostess to ensure a minimum level of service quality. For larger events (+100 persons), you must provide on-site maintenance for the exchange of headsets, possible technical problems, etc. (depending on the quantity of headsets used).
What happens if it rains during an outdoor event?
Under no circumstances should the headsets become wet. You must provide a protected area (tent, etc.) dedicated to the silent event. If this is not possible, you must have a Plan B or possibly cancel the event.
How much time do you need to install the system?
2 hours maximum, the day before the event or the same day.
What space is needed for distributing the headsets on the day of the event?
For events of up to 500 persons, you need between 2 to 5 m2.
For events of 1000 people and more, you need 15 m2 to store the equipment.
Don’t you risk quickly becoming tired of having a headset on your ears all evening?
The user is the master: he or she can decide to take it off at any time. But if they are immersed in the ambiance, they won’t even think about it!
What happens if there is a technical problem? (Malfunction, scrambled frequency, flat battery, etc...)
The hostesses are there to handle these kinds of things. They are responsible for adjusting the headsets or for replacing them in the event of a malfunction. There is always a backup solution for every eventuality.
There’s no risk to the ears due to, for example, excessive volume or feedback?
The volume is limited to about 90 dB. So, even with the headset set to maximum, the sound level remains safe − and it’s certainly well below that of clubs or most event venues. There is also no risk of feedback because that phenomenon is due to a sound loop that is created between a microphone and speakers. There are no speakers in the Noizless Madness system.