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Noizless Madness: 2,500 wireless headphones with up to 13 simultaneous channels ! Discover our brand-new Ultra Bass model for powerful club sound.


Noizless Madness
What is it?

The concept

Noizless is silent, without sound.

Noizeless Madness’s technology is about respecting your surroundings, your ears and innovates under the ‘contemporary responsible events’ category. We propose a ‘silent event’ concept, based on a wireless headphone system with several listening channels, which creates new opportunities in the events sector and meets the audience’s new personal needs.


The goal?

Events for all tastes

To present high-quality and innovative events. To accommodate the different needs and expectations of an audience at the same location. And to respond to the new habits of the users.

Who are we ?

A fully-staffed team

A community composed of audio & radio transmission professionals who have a passionate relationship with sound and high-technology ! We work closely with several well-known DJs with diverse musical styles as well as professionals from the events world. Would you like to join us ? We’d love to hear from you !


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