Noizless Madness

wireless headphones

Noizless madness can handle events of up to 2500 people. We are committed to providing exceptional quality events, while meeting the needs and expectations of our diverse audience. Whether you are an event organiser or an attendee, you can count on us to deliver an unforgettable experience.


The Technology

Stereo UHF band: LONG range

Stereo HQ broadcasting on UHF band A channel 27 & band E channels 65, 66, 70 with a minimum range of 100 meters up to several hundred meters on request. We use Sennheiser professionnals transmitters to give you uncompromising quality



13 Channels

Up to 13 channels simultaneously, visible colour-coded: a different colour per channel, visible to the participants.


Non-Stop Fun

The headsets run for 11 hours in normal mode, 8 hours in Party Lights mode.


They trusted us